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Harley wobble causes

harley wobble causes The Straight Shooter will eliminate the guess work with frame damage assessment. just youtube "harley wheelies" you'll see guys on FXR's/Dyna's doing the same stuff "sportbikes" do. Remember that the physics of a moving motorcycle naturally want to keep it upright. Although I found a lot of Harley wobble information online, I still wonder how common the problem is. 7 to 4. And the ol' "death wobble" is almost ALWAYS able to be attributed to low tire pressure/unevenly worn tires/poorly maintained neck bearings etc . Neck bearing loose 2. Incorrect Toe-in will cause handling difficulties as the sidecar will pull to the right or left. A trailer that is loaded heavier in the rear will wobble. Bent rims may cause wheel wobble, bead unseating and, in the case of tubeless tires, gradual air loss. . All the Harley’s fans, and not only them, will certainly know the Harley Davidson Dyna, a motorcycle with an indisputable charm that has made many riders fall in love, but it also has a problem known to all owners of this magnificent motorcycle made in the USA. 2. In some motorcycle models, once the bike reaches a certain speed, it can cause a wobble because the bike cannot handle this much amount of speed. Why Does Your Harley Davidson® Wobble? By Tim Stone (2016-Sept) The rubber mounted Harley is a great thing. This does contribute to A BIG portion of the wobble though. Yes, the wobble is usually cause by steering bearing problems (replace with either the 1800 verison roller bearing or "all balls" roller bearinging, a lot of work but can be done by owner with a helper and info on this site), also dynabead for balance and make sure you are running 39-40 psi in the tires. Winnipeg based promotion company When the researchers input the GRACE observations on changes in land water mass from April 2002 to March 2015 into classic physics equations that predict pole positions, they found that the results matched the observed east-west wobble very closely. You can easily change these frequencies and get in trouble by doing so. Your bike weighs more than you do. Initially, the rest of the vehicle remains mostly unaffected, until translated into a vehicle yaw oscillation of increasing amplitude producing loss Harley Davidson Wobble Caused Crash. 0 with 6 Comments: Just picked up my 04 Road King with only 18,500 miles, it developed a sputter and I learned it suffered a problem described as flywheel wobble by the certified Harley mechanic. down the road and didn I suspect the most likely cause is a unbalanced wheel. the triple tree/fork set up on these bikes He mentions geometry. Stability against wobble is increased by reducing the steered mass (front wheel, brake, fork, plus any added load). A. It happens when something causes a disruption to any vehicle that has a “single steering pivot point and a sufficient amount of freedom of the steered Possible causes of the low-speed wobble. Yes, it sounds like a dance move popularized by a metal band, but the “Harley Death Wobble” is actually a well-documented issue with the Road King, Electra Glide and now defunct Dyna model lines. ” It’s the feeling of insecurity and flat tire shake while you’re riding. The point here is the that a tight chain or a loose chain, both would cause serious trouble to the motorcycle. Seems to happen at speeds from 20-40mph. Sometimes a windshield can be mounted unevenly and this can cause wobble. Having said that keep that as ONE of the problems that cause wobble and not always the reason. When the wobbling continues to get worse, the bike flips around. Different Harley's for different uses . (Fitting name, huh?) Bump steer is easier to diagnose and maintain than DW and is also caused by improperly installed suspension and/or steering components or loose, damaged, broken parts. It provides us with an enjoyable (and distinctive) riding experience. Not just on bikes but any trailer. The XR-750 was brought back better than ever in 1983. You had to apply the rear brake slightly and pray, and slowly slow down. I took the Harley-Davidson is facing a lawsuit from a North Carolina man who claims model design flaws that lead to a so-called ‘Death Wobble’ caused him to crash and sustain serious injuries. Injuries from motorcycle accidents can be particularly “If the Harley Davidson Wobble occurs when the motorcycle is in traffic or in a curve, or both, it can cause a crash to occur, resulting in serious injury or death. To dive deeper into this concept, there are other causes of death wobble. A softer tire will cause Imagine the rear rubber mounts of the power train unit being compressed by the lateral force generate during the turn. Now, a North Carolina man has filed a federal suit against the Motor Company, citing the " Harley-Davidson wobble” as the cause of a motorcycle cras h that left him severely injured. Critics argue the system is susceptible to a side-to-side motion, causing a wobble. -soft sidewalls- airing down makes them softer. A strong air flow from the side will break up when it hits you and your motorcycle. i just did this to my 05 ultra classic that had a wobble,cleared up completely. Adjust the bearings by jacking the front tire off the ground, and tighten the adjustment nut until the handlebars become hard to turn. i dont want the bike like it is! as far as the wobble it only happens at speeds of 70 or over unless its Among other things, it put Santa Cruz Harley out of business. The only thing close to a 'Death Wobble' is a high speed tank slapper (like seen on the Isle of Mann video). Swingarm too tight 2. Royal Star and Royal Star Tour Deluxe Tech Talk When an exhaust pipe is changed, this causes an unbalanced air-to-fuel ratio. Some of the powerful Harley Davidson bikes are noted for a phenomenon bikers have come to call “the Harley death wobble. Inspect your front motor mount whenever performing regular maintenance. The BST will cause what I call turbulence, not a wobble. GERMAN AND JAPENESE ENGINEERS AND EVEN THE ITALIAN’S ARE PISSING IN THEIR PANTS. Any and all trikes will perform better with 20-24 lbs of air pressure, even the TriGlides, but you cant tell Harley anything as they think they know it all. It is usually a combination of several things. that the famous motorcycle brand’s bikes are well-known for having a wobble that could lead to an accident. Hi I'm new to this always wanted to ride so got a sportster but found out I didnt feel safe on two wheels so hubbie got one of the kits from Frankenstein in America fitted so excited yaya but their is such a wobble on it I'm realy having to hang on it's not enjoyable thankfully I live in country not much traffic but need to be in traffic but am worries it might me into it or a ditch is this normal See full list on motorcyclehabit. A damaged bearing can also cause heavy wobbling issues. The wobble dissipated as I sped up and was barley noticeable above 55 MPH. Rider position on the bike - this affects CG and thus stability, but is not a cause. Favorite Answer. Either end, if you don't know how to deal with it, it can be fatal. There are many possible causes of wobble, each one has to be checked and fixed until you find the actual problem. As meteorologist Marshall Shepherd noted in Forbes , "Ironically and counterintuitive to many, the strong polar vortex can be linked, in part, to warmer temperatures. 10 Avoid: 2017 Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire Electric Motorcycle - $25,000 Vehicle: Tacoma stock, dbl cab, 4x4, short bed, SR5. Harley-Davidson does acknowledge that its bikes are susceptible to a weave or wobble -- depending on the bike's Various types are available in the 180-270AUD price range. The man experiences a severe death wobble that ultimately causes the man to be thrown to the road. It causes the cylinders to fire at uneven intervals and produces the choppy "potato-potato" sound so strongly linked to the Harley-Davidson brand. A forum community dedicated to Harley From Bill B. A wobble like that is usually caused by poor load distribution in the trailer. Other than the power output, this bike carried ever-lasting problems like a weight imbalance that caused riders to tip to their left. Wobbling may also be caused by improperly loading your Harley Davidson of north texas went over this motorcycle, the wheels, new fluid in the fork, and had to call a harley rep. I tried some dyna beads (1 oz) in the front tire. --spring perch u-bolts loose--first check the stabilizer--knuckles seals and felts. Harder tires such as the stock dunlop D402 are more preferred as they are stiffer and experience this less. This design flaw allows the engine to oscillate from side to side creating a mis-alignment and then all hell can break loose. In order to climb our best, it helps to understand our triggers as well as cultivate methods for calming ourselves. Makes me think the tire is cause. I have a friend with a 2000 450 and this weekend he showed me that hi rear wheels wobble. It is important to understand that there is no single problem that causes death wobble. Call it empathy, for old times sake. We felt this topic deserved it’s own Class. Further, if I spin the wheel fast enough the entire bike vibrates a LOT. Hi; I used to ride a 1938 harley springer. Exactly that.  Reply this comment Truck would wobble going around 40-60. Things that will make them wobble, steering head too tight or too loose, tire tread pattern (tread with a groove in the center, my opinion), tire air pressure, tires/wheels that are not tracking straight (a rear wheel that is cocked a bit due the axle adjusters). A wobble is often induced by a rut, pothole, or some other irregularity in the pavement, and the inability of the suspension to react fast enough. This sag cause the mount to act like a solid mount vs a rubber mount as it is suppose to. " causes or things beyond the A tank slapper is a vigorous wobble that can throw you off the motorcycle. But then my bike's a harley so I guess I'll be accused of self interest here lol. 442 likes · 12 talking about this. If no wobble repeat at 45 mph, 50 mph etc. The same thing that makes these bikes so smooth to the rider and passenger is basically what causes it: the rubber-mounted engine and transmission. The "Death Wobble" was on pre-2009 Touring models and usually only happened at higher speeds while accelerating in a turn. It will not as effectively improve the handling on a lowered bike. What is the Harley Death Wobble? 1) Obviously, don’t panic. Harley Wobble What It Is - What It Does - And How Dangerous It Can Be Other motorcycle wobbles can happen but are normal mechanical situations rather than design. If you got bigger tires or rims either one of those could cause a wobble. check your tires. Swingarm — When the swingarm moves too much, particularly in the case of sportbike suspensions, the excess play could cause the bike to wobble. Stealership says nought wrong. As it turns out he is not the only case that has experienced the death wobble at the hands of Harley Davidson. HI i took the trike that i am building out for a test ride today the front end got a severe wobble on, not a tank slapper type,but as if the front end is over sensitive quite violent{hand is sore between thumb and fore finger } is there a cure for this or is it something you get used to. To simplify the engine and reduce costs, the V-twin ignition was designed to operate with a single set of points and no distributor. I had a 2006 and now a 2007, and I have gone, well let us just say over the speed limit a couple times. It also wouldn't be the first time Harley-Davidson had to initiate a major recall for problems with its front end wobble Check that center nut on the tripple tree. Bent rim or unbalanced tires are the most common cause. Side-to-side motion is possible at the rear mount, which can cause a wobble, especially at higher speeds. harley davidson owners are either the most loyal riders in the world or the most stupid. Tappered roller bearing should have been used but are more expensive. balancing, wheels, high speed wobble is cause by the Motorcycle Weaves and Wobbles: How to Avoid Them and Deal with Themhttp://ridermagazine. i looked and looked as others did---could not find the problem. If your tire lugs are chamfered or the inside/outside of your tire is more worn than the opposite side, you have uneven tire wear and you should have an alignment done. Is there a vibration in the steering wheel or the seat? The answer can usually give us an idea of whether the vibration is coming from the front end, which will generally transmit vibration directly to the steering wheel, or from the back end, which will transmit vibration through the frame of the car and into the seat. ” The “Death Wobble” is a phenomenon where a bike’s rear kicks back and forth and is brought about by something mechanical or by the rider where If I let go of the handlebars while coasting to a stop, my handlebars will start to shake/wobble at approx. What causes the disease? We don’t know yet what exactly causes the disease. You may also notice looseness or tightness while turning the handlebars. The issue could stem from worn wheel bearings or another problem. The reason why a bike goes into a death wobble is the front and back wheels are no longer operating at the same speed, rapid deceleration will make it worse; hitting the brakes may even bring the whhels to one speed and another at zero which is really bad, especially if the wheel is already loose (which is what causes most wobbles (loose as in traction) mine was caused by upper and lower ball joints, on the ball joints their was a strange tire wear on the inside part of the tire, over inflated tires, steering dampener that was resting on the steering drag linkage also check ailment Bad steering head bearings can cause it, poor road surface, worn tires and excessive speed. Rather, any combination of things, such as tire balance, loose bolts, worn bushings, bad alignment, and even Harley has had the same suspension since 1980 and that’s a huge let down. This comes back to alignment issues we've mentioned previously. That being said, there are several things that can cause wobble in your situation. (Front end wobble/vibration). Traveling back from Daytona Bike Week with a buddy, going too fast on interstate (about 100mph), on a sweeping curve I noticed some wobble from the front. Harley wobble / death wobble / rear steer These are all phrases that are being used to describe the problem with some Harley Davidson motorcycles. Now, a North Carolina man has filed a federal suit against the Motor Company, citing the "Harley-Davidson wobble” as the cause of a motorcycle crash that left him severely injured. The campaign covers all anti-lock brake-equipped Touring, CVO Touring and VSRC motorcycles made during the 2008 It's been a while, but here's a follow up. When you grab them and shake they have play in them like when a car has bad wheel bearings. I would speculate that a wobble not caused by bladed spokes is caused by the wheel being slightly out of true. Sleepy. They may be old, may have developed an uneven surface thats causing that wobble. There have been numerous reports of what is commonly referred to as the "high-speed wobble" (or "tank-slapper") accidents involving Harley-Davidson motorcycles. You can achieve this clearance tolerance by simply removing and shaving down the excess rubber. BikersNews. . Death wobble is a just a term people came up with that didn't know any better to describe the loss of control from head shake. It's a 4 point mount design and the rubber movement can setup an oscillation around 70 mph around large sweeping turns. Three rubber mounts support the entire weight of the motor, transmission, and drive. SOURCE: Front end wobble/shake when at low speed or in a corner. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Sep 10, 2020 at 8:30 AM #1. Harley also said the wobble problem is worsened when riders add on certain parts and suggests people follow the owner's manual. dc. What is the “Harley wobble” you might ask? The Harley wobble is a manifestation of the particular facets of the bike’s construction relating to the engine mounting and motion constraint. As the mount compresses & decompresses it causes the motorcycle to oscillate ("wobble"). • Under 45 mph or so, look to the front of the steering head. It then goes on to describe a motorcycle accident involving a biker who had been riding for 40 years, who suddenly lost control of his Harley (it doesn’t say what model) while on a scenic highway in Arizona. This problem has been centered on the swing arm, the rear suspension mounting the transmission and engine mounting to the frame of the motorcycle. It's when the front end starts wobbling on you, and you can't make it stop without slowing down. Some Harley Motorcycles Plagued By 'Death Wobble' - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix I can't stand Harley-Davidson as a corporation and as motorcycles, but this crap is ridiculous. Frightening in any case, but the guy in the video didn't seem too worried about it. The owner will remove or correct something and the bike now shows no wobble. Each of these failure modes has different causes, and how it failed can be a big help in figuring out how to fix it. Let us go thru the causes and rule out all but the defect. It also felt like it would try to pull itself left or right. Lateral axle movement — When the front or back wheel has excessive side to side or lateral axle movement, the bike will wobble. what causes the harley wobble? The issue is a problem with the engine mount that could lead to motorcycle accidents and motorcycle injuries. Check the change in the distance between the mould line on the tire & the rim. As soon the steering moves away from the alignment, it tries to come back and sometimes it overcorrects itself. It might have to do with harmonics and the lack of rigidity in your frame, or similar odd factor. Soon after, Harley would reclaim the company and replace the dysfunctioning AMF engine. Question: I'm doing a restore on a 1973 Bronco that I bought 1 1/2 months ago. ” The notorious issue presents itself as a violent vibration at high speeds and is a common complaint among Jeep Wrangler owners. I have a 2009 Road King Classic with 20K miles. The harley that has the issue is a larger touring bike and it had to do with the way the engine mounted to the frame. Broken/loose clutch Harley's and Goldwing's in particular. A 2012 Harley-Davidson Road King Police FLHP bike with only 7700 miles on it. It may be close & because the tire has a tube in it there will be no leak to give it away. ” While Harley-Davidson is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis. Fix Your Harley® Wobble Class. Liebeck says that the issue is basically a problem in the manner in which the engine is mounted into the frame and is constrained within the frame from motion. A few sweeping turns later, the front end started to wobble so bad that the rear started wobbling and it was all I could do to hold on while gradually Enter your email to sign up for the Fix My Hog newsletter and receive the 6 Possible Causes of Harley® Wobble downloadable guide right away! There are a number of reasons why your motorcycle may wobble. All my FLH bikes had this problem, but it's manageable if you are not an idiot. According to the automotive diagnostic website AA1 Car, bad ignition timing is due to an erratic signal from the camshaft sensor caused by harmonic balancer's inability to stabilize the component. One last thing that Harley Davidson said is that the wobble problem can also be caused by bike owners adding certain parts and that Harley the owner should follow the owner’s manual. When you’re driving on the road, the weight distribution is shifting and as you keep using your motorcycle with the same set of tires, the shifts of weight add up causing tires to go out of balance. 1. 1. The balls wear seats into the race over time depending on the torque and lube conditions. I have been riding since 1982 , 1 Suzuki , 1 Kawasaki , 1 Ironhorse , 5 Honda's , 4 Yamaha's , and 5 Harley-Davidson's , never have I had a death wobble , on any of my bikes , however , I have experienced poor quality in handling , and control when I have had worn , or under inflated tires , most common issue in a slight low speed side to side movement in handle bars , be safe out there , and It appears to be caused from a combination of lack of maintence (mainly front end and alignment), pre-ride inspections, rider weight etc. The Harley Davidson wobble is a dangerous problem many people are experiencing with their bike’s suspension system that may lead to a motorcycle accident. Yes, the fork and frame mounted fairing bikes, and those without a fairing, are prone to it. There's a number of causes that regular maintenance usually handles (steering head bearings, tires, etc. Here is a quote directly from the magazine . Neck inspection and adjustment is an important service point on a major service that should never be overlooked. In Indiana , if you are injured in an accident because of a problem like this, you may be able to seek compensation, but you will need to first run your case by an Indianapolis injury lawyer that serves Indiana residents. My friend wants to go 100MPH. In addition I have the following question for comment: Has anyone had (or heard of) the front end Wobble without a windshield or Fairing ? R_W_B, Dec 3, 2010 But they didn't cause a wobble. 2001 Speed Triple 955i 2002 Monster5 years ago. Ride like a tool and die seems to be harleys stance. But they said that this does not cause accidents, and that weave or wobble happens to other bike manufacturers, regardless if it is a Harley or not. So the sole reason for this article is to elucidate about the right chain tension and the effects of a loose/tight chain. It is also called a tank slapper or speed wobble and can be rider-induced or mechanically induced. The tire may be defective, a belt could have separated or numerous other things. But darn, I really don't want to ride in my car while a bike starts doing that crap alongside me. Check out these six maintenance procedures you can perform to maintain or improve the rideabilit The death wobble refers to an uncontrolled shaking or oscillation of a motorcycle’s front wheel. ” While Harley-Davidson is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis. Wobble Krew, Winnipeg, Manitoba. So what can be the cause of this? Harley-Davidson is recalling nearly 175,000 motorcycles over fears of brake failure. When I bought the Bronco, it had the radius arms disconnected from the area they should be, but they were still attached to the front axle. The bob can speed wobble your ass to death Mar 11th 2021. Speed and other physical forces can wind up being too much for your bike to handle . It would go away sometimes depending on how level or straight the road was. When a bike suffers from a death wobble, the handlebars will shake violently from side to side to the point where the rider loses control. One thing that is often overlooked is that if the rear wheel is not aligned, it can create steering problems, including wobble (also, if the swingarm bearings are worn). It may seem tight with the bike on the ground but when you jack it up, it will be loose. Frankly outside a showroom I've never seen a legal Harley. Harley riders call it the “Death Wobble. At the same time, violent accelerations might cause the front wheel to wobble due to the lesser pressure of the wheel pushing the ground. Harley stated that the wobbling worsens when riders add after-market parts to the motorcycles. This produces "Rear Steer". Starts to wobble after about 3 seconds and after about 6 seconds I need to grab control of the bars before I'd loose the ability to recover. One amongst them is the amount of tension, the chain carries. All cases check: tire wear and balancing, loose spokes or bent mags. ” In certain cases, thefront wheel can thrash from side to side, something bikers refer to as a "tankslapper" because the handlebars suddenly seem intent on battering the fuel tank intosubmission, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. he said it was the ape hangers, i didnt believe it, but i took them off. I did a search btw and the main factor was speed above the posted limit in a turn and wobble in the turn. Now, a North Carolina man has filed a federal suit against the Harley claims that while its motorcycles do wobble depending on the speed of the bike, the wobbling does not cause accidents. i like to tighten the steering bearings tighter than harley recommends,just to the point of sticking and then back off one quarter turn. So, Incorrect neck adjustment will cause wobble, on deceleration or at high speeds. In cornering the Dyna powertrain has the ability to move in the frame being that it's essentially rubber mounted. HARRISBURG, P. Road. Who cares This is a important step, however, the misconception is this is the end all be all fix for the wobble. No cases has anyone ever been riding legally. Best Info on Dodge Death Wobble you'll find According to Don Thuren here are the caster & toe settings to eliminate DW in the heavier Dodge Ram QC 4x4 diesel trucks: Caster: 3. the Touring model wobble is caused by loose steering neck bearings, bad wheel bearings, low fork oil, worn fork slider bushings, bent forks, loose axles, bad tires, loose spokes, incorrect tire pressure, bad cleve blocks, worn rear shocks, low rear shock air pressure. App. The story begins with the classic “Some riders chose Harley for this reason, some chose it for that, status symbol, made in America, yadda yadda yadda. Have not tried it <20 or >40. Is there anything I can do to counteract this? Harley tech said there's nothing they could do. When the mount compresses, the rear wheel moves off from normal center. Not corrected because it is not worth it. Harley-Davidson has recalled 43,908 of its Street motorcycles for a brake issue that could cause a crash and has temporarily stopped shipping those models. I've sugested swing arm bearings, shocks, forks and steering bearings. The injured man, who was fortunate to survive the crash, alleges in a lawsuit now pending in the United States District Court in Harrisburg, P. ) But I have heard stories lately of wheel bearings on many newer HDs not lasting very long. Insufficient Frame Rigidity As A Cause. 4 Answers. had others ride the bike--still could not find the problem. "We have isolated the cause. Minor tweaks of as little as 1/8″ can impact airflow and in turn cause or affect wobble. 05 Degrees (Not inches) You can read more here about what causes DW and how to get rid of it: Going too far in this direction will cause a pull to that side because the tire itself forms the shape of a cone. Having the front tire crossing the line at nearly the same time the back tire does will cause a wobble in the whole bike which can also result in a head shake. tp come down. The design however lacks an adequate stabilizer system. The reason this presents a problem is because the swing arm, the rear suspension member of the motorcycle which is the pivot point, is mounted to the aft end of the transmission on these Harley-Davidson motorcycles. " Harley isolated the issue at the York facility, but it might lead to recalls for the part. Go to my Profile and you can find all about Harley Davidson material th I agree with Jim on rear tire air pressure being the most likely cause, although some have reported the wobble even with the correct (per Harley) air pressure. Roll off the the throttle with control (no sudden moves) Lean forward into the handlebars or pull the handlebars to you. Let us go thru the causes and rule out all but the defect. " It’s a very small effect and barely noticeable with The Harley wobble is well documented. The Harley Wobble and weave is shown here in a Californian Highway Patrol test ride. Well, I upgraded the front suspension on my Street glide and made several other geometry adjustments in an attempt to eliminate the weave, wobble, running wide, harshness, mushy, feeling associated with the short comings of a Harley. 00-0. • Under 45 mph or so, look to the front of the steering head. Harley has tuned its bikes to damp the frequencies of each model. That wobble, William “Alex” Rouse claims in the newly-filed suit, is a chronic and dangerous problem with Harley-Davidson’s bikes. You can help the "wobble" with a good roller bearing and a steering dampener. Motorcycle overheating occurs when your engine hoses and belts are in bad condition. Don't run to the alignment shop just yet. Wheels out of balance - this causes vibration and can trigger a wobble but is not the source; it’s a stimulus, similar to a bump in the road that starts the oscillations but is not what’s allowing the wobble to occur. Harley Davidson review from Little Rock, Arkansas rated 1. If you have a windshield, remove it. “If the Harley Davidson Wobble occurs when the motorcycle is in traffic or in a curve, or both, it can cause a crash to occur, resulting in serious injury or death. A search for "Harley Wobble" on Google brings up a multitude of documents covering this topic, as well as law firms that offers legal services and Harley Speed Wobble, Tank Slap, also known as the Death Wobble With reference to the tragic loss of one of our club members here in the UK and very close friend to me, Chris Jonas on May 27th this year, here is a message from his brother Gary asking for any information if you have experienced any of the symptoms of a 'Tank Slap' etc. He tells me that his wide glide is notorious for it. All cases check: tire wear and balancing, loose spokes or bent mags. If you've noticed your Jeep darting to the left or right after hitting a bump or pot hole, bump steer is usually the cause. Sudden Failure. Swiwngarm bushings can be suspect as well . http://road. Load Error There are several factors that can cause the "Speed Wobble", "Death Wobble" or whatever you wish to call it. , the bike on which he crashed was made in York, Rouse says. I recently raised my 2020 iron 1200 suspension from 11" stock to 13" legend revos. Run higher air pressure in the rear. Wobble, shimmy, tank-slapper, speed wobble, and even death wobble are all words and phrases used to describe a quick (4–10 Hz) oscillation of primarily just the steerable wheel(s) of a vehicle. Subject: Shimmy or Speed Wobble From: Jobst Brandt Date: June 25, 2004, revised February 25, 2005 Shimmy, a spontaneous steering oscillation of the front wheel, usually occurs at a predictable speed when riding no-hands. Harley-Davidson does acknowledge that its bikes are susceptible to a weave or wobble -- depending on the bike's speed. What are the root causes of instability on two wheels? By Kevin Cameron. fxdwg wobbles at 75+mph My FXDWG wobbles and is an unstable ride over 70-75mph. Footnote: not has a wobble issue on the road king, did on my suzuki intruder though – but i'm not blaming the brand, the intruders are a great bike. 4. Notice flatbed semi trailers that are only partially loaded. I have to wonder if that Sportster's windshield was the cause of the wobble you experienced. That’s why world speed records are set on flat salt lakes in light wind conditions. So I have a 99 dyna fxdx with a wobble I need to fix ASAP. The vibration decreases rider control over the vehicle and can lead to fatal crash. I wasnt talking about a death wobble,it's called frame flex,the frame and forks flex under hard braking and when you release the brakes the flex rebounds. If I thought I wanted to ride the bike a bunch I would for sure check all the bearings and probably replace them but I would bet on the neck bearings being the culprit first. It is more noticable on the heavier touring models. Brief discussion on what causes small, medium to dangerous wobbling on motorcycles. The news reports are calling it a “death wobble”, it is basically the chassis of the bike starting to oscillate twisting and buckling “trying” to kick the rider off the bike and so far there have been several crashes that are supposedly caused by it. ”. Buy Sputhe Chassis Stabilizer / DYNA Here. That's not true. com/2009/11/17/motorcycle-weaves-and-wobbles-how-to-avoid-them-and-de Natural damping of the wobble mode increases after roughly 40 mph. This specific type of mount constrains the frame from motion. The other thing it could be is if you have side bags on the bike and they aren't mounted tight (shaking) or they are weighted much differently. This is due to a rubber mounted drivetrain. Hence, there’s a need to change the water pump as soon as you find out it is bad. April 4, 2020. It can be caused by several reasons including a small bump on the road, a small pebble or any such thing that can cause a sudden movement. The most common causes are low/wrong tire pressure, uneven weight distribution in saddle bags and of course, front end mechanical problems You may know it as a tank slapper or a shimmy or a weave, but in Harley circles it’s affectionately known as the death wobble. That is an oscillation that starts in the front. I had that same problem and thought it was a steering/alignment issue. It has the same effect of helping you maintain control. Hondas, BMW, and all the other touring bikes on the market have a rigid mounted swingarm so they don’t have this problem. It also wears tires unevenly, which causes its own problems. Did it this morning on commute into work but not on way back tonight. at over 65 MPH--one slight bump in the road. I have a problem with wheel wobble at high speed, and a vibration upon deceleration. Look For: • 45 mph or above: Look behind the steering head. ”. They have been known to loosen up on KAWASAKIS. Weave Causes. -extra weight of the bigger tire can cause borderline stuff to become a problem. Motorcycle Wobble And Weave—Making Sense Of “Death Wobble” Talk. took the bike to harley dealer--installed new rear tire and rebalanced front tire---same problem! Rubber mounted Harleys can have a wobble caused by the rubber swingarm mounts. A small unnoticed issue that can cause a wobble crash can simply be low tire pressure. As far as the bike wobble when cornering hard? Duh!!! Uneven tire wear can also cause unnecessary vibrations, triggering the wobble. You may have found the bad spot where speed wobble kicks in. You can get a pretty good idea of camber Bagger wobble Bagger wobble Harley Davidson Motor Co. Tow-in and Wheel Lead Diagram Every day at the crag can’t be successful, and sometimes failure causes us to get mad—even destructively so. 0 Toe: 0. of course that is after i checked the wheel alignment,very accurately. "This is much more than a simple correlation," coauthor Ivins said. If you changed to a mud tire, you could feel the knobby tread at lower speeds and while turning. Updated: November 11, 2019. Bad enough in some places it felt unsafe to drive. When the vibration does occur and I look out the window at the front axle, it looks like after The death wobble isn’t exclusively a Dodge problem, but it is an issue some Dodge owners have unfortunately experienced. 40 mph. Have not tried it under acceleration, as even keeping light pressure on only the throttle will prevent the wobble from starting. The vibration that I speak of is comparable to the space shuttle during take-off. For economic and safety reasons, if you feel a tire wobble, inspect your tires immediately for inflation and wear. The problem was-- the fork to frame bearings. The tire may be defective, a belt could have separated or numerous other things. The Harley Wobble. Going toward slight right on a highway it would go away. They come loose from vibration and road conditions. Bent rims and bent or cracked cast wheels should be replaced immediately. Call it what you like – death wobble, weave, headshake, all bikes can get it and mostly is caused by incorrect tire pressure for the weight on the bike, a front fork seal leaking or a fork low on oil, worn bushes front or rear. 8 to 4. Wheels could be bad or tires could have been balanced wrong. And I have never felt scared even in 20-25 MPH cross winds. We are mulling it over. The FLT bikes are know for the “bagger wobble. Lv 5. The bike wants to also wobble on - Harley Davidson 2001 FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide question The death wobble is a shimmying, shaking or oscillation that occurs when a mechanical or rider induced irregularity occurs with the front tire or steering component (s) of the motorcycle. He says at that speed his Harley has a wobble. &amp;nbsp; Check your track bar and drag link to make sure both are parallel to each other. If you have a tire wobble, it will wear or damage the tire, making the wobble more severe. A motorcyclist who blames “Harley-Davidson wobble” for a crash that left him severely injured has filed a federal lawsuit against the iconic cycle maker over the wreck. The Cause, Effect, and Cure of the Motorcycle Death Wobble will make sure you walk away in one piece. “The problem is the design of the cam chain system. There is a wobble once per revolution. If the wobble goes away with the shield then reinstall it but adjust it. Lowered motorcycles are EXTREMELY difficult to control or correct weaving and wobbling because of the limited suspension travel especially when the swing arm pivot is below the axle, remain stock height for better handling performance. But if that doesn't cure the problem--or if it cropped up Four California bikers claim their Harley Davidson motorcycles were defectively designed because their engines ran so hot as to pose a constant danger of being burned and were therefore not fit for their intended use. : Bladed spokes that are slightly twisted will provide a “propeller” effect that can cause a front wheel to wobble at high rpm, like over 20 mph. “If the Harley Davidson Wobble occurs when the motorcycle is in traffic or in a curve, or both, it can cause a crash to occur, resulting in serious injury or death. First thing you should do before checking the more complicated stuff, is the obvious. Harley Davidson review with 4 Comments: I purchased a 2015 FLD,brand new. As far as the bike wobble or become unstable because riding at 90-MPH +? Duh!!! The bikes aren't meant to go fast. Cheers for the vid. Hi, There can be a few issues going on that will cause this. Motorcycle Handling 04/10/2011. 0/5. Tons of videos and help with a Google search of speed wobble. The wobble always happens over 60 mph going straight or cornering. Correct Tow-in adjustment is important to reduce a slight “crabbing” tendency of the motorcycle’s rear wheel, which would cause tyre wear. When channeled constructively, anger can also, in measured doses, provide sending energy and motivation. Relevance. It rides amazing until you hit around 90. That was caused by the torque from the motor causing a twist to the alignment between the motor and transmission, thus effecting the swingarm. What do we do in such situation, how can we detect and correct wobbling? This guide provides step by step guide on how to detect the problem, the specific areas to identify and the common symptoms associated and identification of the I leveled up to stop the wobble - which I overcame- then brought it back down into cornering to keep on the road. Wheel bearings, neck bearings, swingarm bearings, loose/worn slider bushings or junk tires can all cause some kind of wobble. 10 years ago. Of course on an old pan the brakes arent up to the task. Look For: • 45 mph or above: Look behind the steering head. Front end speed wobble recovery: Keep a firm grip on the handlebars. What is a Speed Wobble? Well. Harley recommends. +2. Many people believe that there is a genetic basis for the disease, which may well be true, but the evidence for genetics is still not clear. Stuff Handle bars wobble at between between 50-55 MPH on deceleration, however not all the time. Here is what started it to go into a high speed wobble. - 186 Cal. The "Harley Wobble" is perhaps familiar to those who ride Harleys and ride them at high speeds. A. Speed is the main cause of motorcycle wobble. Harley has made some changes in later model bikes, but even with the new hydraulic tensioning system, it is not a true fix. A simple wheel balance will cure most vibrations. This same thing applies to lowers as well. It uses plastic “shoes” riding on the cam chains that can (and do) wear out. Loose Belt of Bad Hoses. He seeks unspecified financial damages. bigger tires have flexier sidewalls in general. On the ride home from the HD dealer, I noticed a pronounced wobble in the front end that was most prevalent at 35 MPH. Tires unevenly worn unbalanced 3. Not violently, but they do wobble. IF you are running the correct air pressure in the front tire,the wheel and tire is balanced,and the rim is true and it still has front end wooble the stearing head bearing adjustment is too loose--not everything thats written in Harley manuals is always correct for every bike --ask any older wrench--- make sure also that the bearings are good and not cheap chinese knock offs that don't always seat right--hope this helps This is a small quote from an article on JP Cycles. Both wobble and weave are serious conditions. The short answer to what causes high speed wobble is: yes all of the above. Rack and Pull uses the Straight Shooter, the only live laser measuring system in the world to give visual confirmation of frame damage or miss-aligned rear suspension, one of the causes of the infamous and dangerous Harley wobble. . Death wobble is scary, and even more importantly it is dangerous. Mis-adjusted steering neck bearings may cause a shimmy and wobble. Wind buffeting can also be cause by a side wind even if your helmet and windshield are perfectly adjusted to prevent it. I have not damaged the bike or hit massive potholes. An encounter with a death wobble may be due to mechanical failure, low maintenance, poor riding skills, or sheer bad luck. here's a real ez fix or sumpin to check when your harley -as mine- did begins to ''wooble '' at 93 miles per hour. Often, we find that after getting a puncture repaired, or after replacing the tyre, the wheel tends to wobble. Check to see that it is aligned properly: sometimes when you take the wheel off, or when you tighten the chain, the wheel can be crooked (front to back). Bike starts to wobble in the rear, not the handlebars. High speed wobble motorcycle accidents typically involve shaking or instability in the front end of the motorcycle when traveling at high speeds. Some of the factors are hard, or impossible, to isolate to only one thing. April 4, 2020 Author. Weights are added by clipping small lead weights to Mixing the two can cause wobbles starting as early as 50mph. Toe settings vary by From what I have been reading, the "death wobble" is more likely to be found on the bikes with rubber-mounted motors, particularly the FL series. This occurs at even at speeds as low as 20 to 30 miles per hour and it can cause the motorcycle rider to lose control of the bike and crash. The design had been very much the same until 2009. You can’t beat it in a fight. Figured it was the road, so I continued. Sudden wheel failure may result from the use of cracked cast wheels. AMERICANS WILL ACCEPT A MOTORCYCLE THAT WOBBLES AND WON’T GO STRAIGHT AND A $200 PART PROBABLY $15 COST WILL MAKE A $20 TO $35,000 MOTORCYCLE RIDE SAFE AND STRAIGHT. Any wobble in the water pump shaft or seepage could aggravate engine overheating. Wobble Causes. It went right back into a seriously scarey wobble!! Thought I was F'd again!! well thankfully the corner ended and I brought it level and ironed it out. As the wobbling increases, the motorcyclists attempt to brake and slow down to regain control. In my interaction with motorcycle riders across the country, I have found that many think that weaves, wobbles, or high-sides only happen to sport bikes at very high speeds, but nothing is further from the truth. harley davidson wobble? what causes a wobble. We are investigating the genetics of the disease in Dobermans and have plans to study it in Great Danes in the future. Harley Riders USA Forums » Harley Davidson Wrenching Info, Tech Tips, and DIY Forums » Frame, Chassis, Tires, and Wheels » High Speed Wobble Frame, Chassis, Tires, and Wheels Alignment, Suspension, Brakes, Tires, Wheels, Front End, Controls, and everything related Sometimes a part fails and the clutch goes from working normally, to not working in an instant. Infamous Harley Wobble and the Rubber Mounted Harley-Davidson Engine Infamous Harley Wobble and the Rubber Mounted Harley-Davidson Engine by GixxerFoo 1 month ago 9 minutes, 4 seconds 102,584 views The , Harley , wobble, head shake, tank slapper, death wobble, whatever you want to call it it's a terrifying experience no rider wants As you ride and wear down your stock motor mounts they begin to sag. If the handlebars start to wobble around 40 or 45 mph then it's a good chance the front tire is worn out. It seems that the death wobble, aka Harley wobble, is circumscript to certain models and years. It wobbles such that, if viewed from above, it appears to spin straight for most of the revolution then veers to the right briefly then back to straight. A. It causes the tires to fight each other for traction and the rapid release/traction cycle can cause a shake. , the bike on which he crashed was made in York, Rouse says. The meandering causes the cold air of the polar vortex to wobble, and, like a toupee that goes askew, it can slip south off of the Arctic over the United States, Europe, or Asia. (1) Bad wheel bearings (2) Warped rotors (3) Bent front rim First thing to do is get the bike up on the center stand, or bike jack so the front end is off the ground. William ‘Alex’ Rouse says a loss of stability on his father’s 1999 Electra Glide Classic in April 2018 caused him to lose control, come off the road and 26 wheel wobble on cross country, harley death wobble, harley death wobble 2019 model, raked bike gets death wobble, tightening the steering head nut on a victory cross country, what causes death wobble on 2012 harley streetbob General Industry Concensus About Wobble. He seeks unspecified financial damages. I asked a friend who is a Harley tech, he said that Harley had made a frame change and a bushing change to fix it. . According to racing engineer Jeromy Moore, it’s an “underdamped torsional oscillation of the front wheel/suspension which can be set off by either a road input or input from the rider’s weight creating a steering moment or even a gust of wind”. I felt it once on my 2007 Ultra while accelerating through a curving highway on ramp. Interesting result - the wobble went away, and the very slowly came back. In the suit, Yesterday, a Phoenix-area news station’s website posted a story about the so-called “Harley Death Wobble. 2d 248 The bike would wobble from side to side and I then had to tighten the damper. 9% fashion riders anyway. If you've been injured on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, contact a motorcycle accident attorney with our free legal tool here. At the first hint of wobble, stop and go home and find out what the problem is. You telling me that at 25-MPH he couldn't have hit the brakes? B. Wobbling can be caused due to many factors, such as improper alignment of the wheel where there is a change in the castor or camber angle. A: True-Track is designed for stock ride height bikes. Answer Save. Next, the proper way to test ride a bike with wobble problems is to start at 40 mph and bump one hand grip. The likelihood of shimmy is greatest when the only rider-to-bicycle contact is at the saddle and pedals. and there's no more wobble. I'm still waiting on a response from Legends. hey wobble miester. Jeep thinks it knows how to kill the “death wobble. Each time I took my hands off the bars, the wobble would come back quicker, until it was the same as before the beads. The mounting & balancing of a tire by an installer who failed to get the tire seated on the rim. This can cause the air to swirl around your helmet causing vibration or unwanted, random movement. Apr 25, 2011 · There are several things/combination of things that can cause the wobble, such as low rear tire pressure, poor tread on your rear tire, worn motor mounts or swingarm cleveblock bushings, overloaded or improperly loaded bike, and/or lateral movement of the rear of the drivertrain/swingarm. This often occurred in older bikes but newer models are now stiffer and more rigid thus reducing the occurrence of a speed wobble. pass an 18-wheeler at highway speeds with ease without wobble or noticeable vibration. Bagger wobble. It has 13 inch t bars (which im swapping out for 10 mx bars). Make it one of your periodic tightening up checks. ” It’s a vibration that can take suddenly hold of the bike at speeds in excess of 70 mph. I prefer 42psi. sometime if it was to tight it would go into a slow wobble, that you could not hold. Other causes of backfire are bad or weak fuel pumps, low fuel pressure and clogged fuel filters. " Crucially, the lawsuit says, if Harley-Davidson’s ABS emergency braking procedure was performed on a non-ABS-equipped motorcycle – or, say, an ABS bike whose system had malfunctioned – it could result in a locked wheel that could cause the rider to lose control, resulting in injury or death. Roll, Wobble, Weave and High-Side. The Harley wobble is a condition that causes the bike to sway and may increase your risk of injury. Death Wobble Causes Discussion in 'Heavy Duty' started by FlatbedHemi, Sep 10, 2020. In the 18 second video, the motorcycle begins to wobble right in the beginning. 2. This problem could be potentially harmful to other mechanical components on your vehicle, so don't ignore the issue. If I don't move on the bike it's fine but if I try and re adjust where I'm sitting the wobble starts. The result is that under certain In most cases the front tire is the cause of wobble so ride down the road and run up to 55 mph then take your hands off the handlebars and see what happens as you slow down. A loose neck is the most common culprit of wobble after tires and wheels. The study identifies three separate causes, and one of those is our fault. I have never felt this "Wobble" issue. A low-speed wobble has few aerodynamic factors. This Harley wobble apparently has to do with the motor mounts, and the engine starts a resonance with a sideways force in some way. Scientifically, the Earth’s wobble is known as "polar motion. Check to see it the clips between the rotors and wheel are removed. Subscribed. What causes tires to go out of balance? Balanced tires have a uniform distribution of weights of the wheel and tire around the axle. The problem is fully analyzed by a forensic engineering consultant, Mark Ezra, PhD in his article "Forensic Engineering Investigation of Motorcycle Instability Induced Crashes" . When I took it in for the 1000 mile service I was very adamant about it. More Ask Kevin. Even when it doesn’t necessarily feel 2) Keep a light grip on the handlebars. But shiiiiii was that a lesson. C. Tire pressures are checked and correct. It just comes off as harsh and unfair on harley is all. . Stuff A “death wobble” is basically a high speed oscillation that causes the bike to quickly jerk back and forth, eventually reaching the point of causing a crash if the rider isn’t able to slow down enough to bring the bike back under control. Rubber mounted engines are a great thing for touring bikes and reducing rider fatigue, but they also expose a design vulnerability. Fixing the Harley wobbly can only be done using a non-Harley aftermarket kit. Other times it is a slow gradual change, with each use of the clutch working less and less well. Harley supposedly "fixed" the "non-issue" in later years. It is fixed-gear so the crank and chain are spinning at this time as well. #24. ""It is a fact that Harley-Davidson motorcycles with rubber mounted motors exibit high speed wobble tendencies which are influenced by many factors including speed, road conditions, the road surface, and the wind. Step 4 – Bagger wobble (install a stabilizer link) The rear swing arm on Harley Touring bikes is attached to the transmission and engine assembly, which is rubber mounted to the frame. Tire wobble most often originates in the tires themselves: One tire problem leads to another until it creates a wobble. While the name itself sounds pretty self-explanatory, there are several causes that have made more than one Dodge truck experience this terrifying movement. If you notice that your car starts to lose power; especially when you apply pressure to the throttle, this might be caused by a damaged or malfunctioning speedometer sensor. Your situation sounds different. Often one can get a false sense of security. FlatbedHemi Steering Wheel and Seat Vibration . ”. After doing what I could, and felt it was a lost cause, I came across True track! Damn! What a difference! Without a functioning harmonic balancer your vehicle's ignition timing will be thrown off. The wheel has been trued and balanced. The company noted other models of motorcycles wobble, as well. I noticed it after my new tires where installed last year, so I'm guessing they didn't balance properly maybe? What do you think? However, it was the ride with his Harley that sent him to the hospital with a quadruple compound fracture in his leg, several broken ribs and a punctured lung. Heavier trucks 3. I concluded that the bike now vibrates more at lower revs and the bars will oscillate with the engine making the front end start to wobble. He has thought of tire ballance and alignment. Around 80mph you can start to experience tire flex, which is the wheel moving on the side wall. Maintain Your Balance. At 17K, I had my front tire replaced. com Lots of things can be traced to various sources of flexure on the machine and there are several varieties of wobble or wiggle from the Harley bagger 'rear steer' to the common decell wobble noticed on some Road Glides. Allow the motorcycle to decelerate naturally without Anyone who has ridden one of the new H-D baggers and really put it through its paces has probably experienced that infamous shimmy, or wobble. The second cause of a speed wobble is insufficient rigidity of a bicycle frame itself, particularly the top tube. Road All Harley Davidson Models used DOT 4 in Sign me up. Harley Cycles and High Speed Wobble. Things like that can hurt you bad, so you really need to make sure all the mechanical stuff (front and rear bearings, spokes, stem head bearing, shocks, etc) is in good condition. — A man who sustained severe injuries when his Harley-Davidson wobbled and crashed blames his injuries on a design flaw with the bike, according to Penn Live. This kind of a motorcycle crash is no fault of the rider, when it involves what has become known as the Harley Davidson Wobble. A worn or torn front motor mount can be the source of a wobble on a Harley Davidson. Be aware that either can cause you to crash if not dealt with properly If you experience a wobble (low-speed handlebar gyrations), hold the bars firmly, damping the movement to keep the bike under control, and slow down, pull over and do an inspection. Such causes of death wobble motorcycle mention below: Speed. ). It's a vibration that isn't even perceptible at lower speeds. 99. 3. cc/content/feature/219888-how-cure-speed-wobbles. The reasons I say this is to relate the different causes of my wobbles and hopefully you can use any of that info to help diagnose your problem in case it isn't a tire, wheel or rim. The condition results in your vehicle being unable to start. People will load the trailer heavier in the rear to keep from adding weight to the bike. Worn rubber mounts can allow more play. Wheels are balanced by a machine that tells the mechanic where weight needs to be added. The airflow into the motorcycle is increased because of the difference in pipe design and other specifics, and this difference causes backfire in the exhaust. 5 degrees POSITIVE. Harley riders seem to agree that the Harley wobble occurs when riders reach sufficient speed and especially on turns and curves. 030 gap with motor weigh on the mounts. Nearly everybody in the stabilizer industry comes to the same conclusion about Harley death wobble and what causes it. Some possible causes for your wheel wobble are: 1. the only other triker in the village mention that he had the same thanks Death Wobble is so extremely difficult to diagnose and fix because it is actually caused by excess movement/slop ANYWHERE in the entire steering and/or suspension system as a whole, not by one bad component, and therefore, there is no single cause of Death Wobble. harley wobble causes